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Social Supreme™

Social Media Built Around Your Brand

We create content and optimise your social media channels to drive growth, engage followers and convert them into loyal customers.

We specialise in growing business brands on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Google

Invest In Brand Awareness

Build your brand awareness so that your business becomes top of mind for customers looking for your products and services.

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Of consumers learn about brands on social media, including your competition.

Nurture Followers Into Loyal Customers

Optimise your social media channels to reach the customers you want with a mix of effective messages and visual content.

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Of consumers are more willing to buy from companies they have a positive experience with on social media.

Remove the guess work

Get your time back to run your business while we focus on your accounts. Every 90 days, you'll get a campaign report tracking growth results.

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Of business leaders think it’s important to invest additional resources in social media marketing.


Create your 90 Day Growth Plan

If you're working with a limited budget, organic social media marketing is a great way to get your content in front of potential customers. But if you're willing to invest more money, paid social media advertising can be an effective way to reach a larger audience and drive direct leads and sales.

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Organic social media marketing

Content Core

Increase brand awareness and grow your followers.

  • Create and publish 3 posts per week

  • Grow 150-500+ Instagram followers per month

  • Manage Google Business reviews

  • From $250/week

    Billed as $1,100/month (incl. GST)
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Paid social media advertising

Magnetic ads

Expand your reach to drive leads and sales.

  • Create, test, and optimise ad creative

  • Generate 2-5x ROI on advertising spend

  • Reach your target market with offers

  • From $500/week

    Billed as $2,200/month (incl. GST)
    Excludes min. ad spend budget of $2,000
Content Creation

Create 3-6 months of visual content in one day

We know the never-ending cycle of coming up with new ideas. Shooting photos and videos for your social media can be exhausting. Our one day service captures the best parts of your brand in a single session and then professionally edits them into insta-worthy posts ready to shine.

This means you've just acquired 3-6 months worth of marketing firepower.


photo Shoot

Showcase the best parts of your brand experience with stunning photography

  • 100 brand photos for social media

  • One day shoot + one week of editing

  • Art direction tailored to your branding

  • From $1,500

    Approx. $15 per photo (+GST)



10x your reach and engagement with short form video content optimised for Instagram & TikTok

  • 30 short form videos for social media

  • One day shoot + 1-2 weeks of editing

  • Includes source footage to remix into new edits

  • From $4,500

    Approx. $150 per video (+GST)
Case studies

Proven Success In Social Media

When it comes to measuring Social Supreme’s impact, we rely on two key metrics: What the numbers and our clients have to say.

kennys pork roll logo

Kenny's Pork Rolls

Takeaway & Catering in Darlinghurst

  • 2x increase in annual revenue

  • +5,155 real followers in 12 months

  • Grew account to 30,000+ views per month reaching 5,232 users monthly

  • +236% in Instagram profile actions/mo

  • +102% in Google business profile actions/mo

saigon hustle logo

Saigon Hustle

Restaurant & Bar in Smithfield

  • +9,027 real followers in 24 months

  • Grew account to 240,000+ views per month reaching 29,133 users monthly

  • +207% in Instagram profile actions/mo

  • +188% in Google business profile actions/mo

state law group logo

State Law group

Law Firm in Sydney & Brisbane

  • +1,273 real followers in 6 months

  • Grew account to 7,000+ views per month reaching 2,812 users monthly

  • +285% in Instagram profile actions/mo

  • +66% in Google business profile actions/mo

  • +292% in branded Google searches

west side capital / dm&king financial founder tony nguyen

West side Capital

Mortgage Broker in Liverpool

  • 22 new clients from social media in 9 months

  • +1,522 real followers in 9 months

  • Grew account to 20,000+ views per month reaching 3,013 users monthly

  • +108% in Instagram profile actions/mo

  • +66% in Google business profile actions/mo

kennys pork roll logo
west side capital / dm&king financial founder tony nguyen
state law group logo

"I have more brand awareness than ever. The results have been on target and my sales have doubled since working with Social Supreme!"

Kenny hak@kennysporkrolls

“I feel like a celebrity sometimes when people spot me and recognise me. ROI has been good and I know there’s more to come!”

DR. Tony Nguyen@Westsidecapital

“Now we have leads often compliment us on how professional we look online now. Highly recommended!”

Andrew Le@statelawgroup
how it works

3 Steps To Launch

Begin your free audit

Social Media Audit

Complete the Social Supreme Audit Form with the required details about your business and goals.


Customise Your Plan

Together, we'll construct a social media strategy that uniquely fits your brand's niche and budget.


Results Every 90 Days

We follow up with you every 90 days with a Campaign Growth Report to celebrate your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm ready for Social Media Marketing?

Most clients who come to us tell us a version of the same story: They were ready to step into the world of social media marketing but were unsure how. These businesses are already stable—with plenty of cash flow even without tapping into the possibilities of social media. In fact, owners are often so busy already that they don’t have time to manage social media marketing themselves. That’s where we step in. We bring our social media expertise to your business so you can do what you do best—just even better.

What is a Social Media Audit?

The first step in building your business’ social media is assessing where it stands today. Our free audit analyses your social media channels to rate their strengths and weaknesses and identifies opportunities for growth and improvement. After the audit is complete, you are ready for a free consultation with our Client Success team.

Why is Social Media Marketing important?

In today’s digital world, where the average person spends 2.5 hours per day scrolling social feeds, your customers live on social media. This is where you can make your brand accessible, communicate brand messaging and attract new customers via free organic social media marketing or paid social media advertising. 

How much does Social Media Marketing cost?

In figuring out how much your business should spend on social media marketing, we advise clients to consider two factors: your expectations and your appetite for growth. Organic social media marketing is cheaper ($1,000/month +GST) and will result in a steady but slower build in engagement. Paid social media advertising will cost more ($4,000/month +GST excluding your ad budget spend) but will result in a much more rapid increase in user engagement and influx in new customers. Combined ($5,000/month +GST) you would now have a very complete social media marketing stack that take full advantage of this brand touchpoint and skyrocket your results in a shorter amount of time.

How is Social Supreme tailored to my brand/business?

Our process is focused around strategic brand positioning and account growth strategies to target real users based on your industry and location. After completing your free social media audit, our team of experts meets with you to understand and align with your business goals—everything from increasing brand awareness to driving leads and sales through social media. From there, we can help your business build its social media visibility in a number of ways. This may include surfacing your brand’s 10x advantage, clarifying your brand’s story and converting it into social media messaging, and using our studio-level graphic designers to help your business design and express its unique identity graphically. 

How can a hospitality business use Social Media effectively?

Social Supreme has had proven success helping clients in the hospitality industry grow their social media presence and their customer base. We’ve done this by regularly enticing followers with photos of the delicious foods these clients have to offer, thereby encouraging followers to shop with their eyes. We’ve engaged followers with contests and giveaways, which take them off social media and into clients’ restaurants. We’re effectively promoted user generated content. And we’ve added a human touch to clients’ businesses by sharing the stories of the people who make it all happen, from the founders to the front of the house to the kitchen team. 

How can a service business use Social Media effectively?

We believe that clients in the service industry have an outstanding opportunity to become authorities in their field using social media. This begins by clarifying what clients offer and their brand message and continues by adding value and demonstrating expertise through content creation. In short, we want social media users to think of clients’ businesses as the most reliable and knowledgeable in the industry. Whenever possible, we put our clients forward in order to tell their story, share their skills and demonstrate what makes them unique.

How can an e-commerce business use Social Media effectively?

When selling goods online, an experienced social media marketing team is one of your best sales tools. We put paid social media advertising to work to get eyes on your product and grow brand awareness across all social channels. Besides generating sales and increasing ROI, this will also help build your brand’s unique story in a way that develops relationships between your business and your customers. Our paid marketing strategy includes using high-quality production to capture your products through photographs and video, as well as employing user generated content whenever possible to build an organic following. 

Start going social

You need a plan to make sure your business is on top of its game. And we've got just the thing for you!

Our Social Supreme Audit provides an in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations tailored specifically toward helping you achieve your business goals with social media.